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The Chinese Society for desertification control published an article introducing the new invention

Issuing time:2021-04-16 10:51

April 14, 2021, website of China Society of desertification control and Industry( )This is the third foreign patent after Zhao Shuhai's invention of "Shubao" has successively won the Australian and Canadian patents. He is ready to explore the international market.

"Shubao" invented by Zhao Shuhai is a device to ensure the survival of plants during the drought period, and has a strong role in promoting the growth of plants. It is an ideal product for afforestation in arid desert areas, and won the excellent award of national sand industry innovation competition. The exhibition of "Shubao" in Africa caused repercussions. He was selected as a member of shrub Afforestation Committee in arid areas of China Society of desertification control and industry, a science and Technology Commissioner of Yuncheng City, and a talent of Shanxi Province. He was rated as "the most beautiful scientific and technological worker in Shanxi Province" and employed as "leader of rural science and technology" by national science and technology newspaper's Rural Revitalization activities.

He created the use of "Shubao" no water afforestation method, no watering, simple construction, high survival rate, very low cost, solved the world problem of afforestation in arid areas and desert areas, changed the traditional practice of afforestation only in spring and autumn, planting trees all year round, with this method, the afforestation area can be greatly increased in a short period of time It can save a huge amount of money and blaze a new way for afforestation in desert areas.   

US patent certificate

Patent specification

U.S. Patent No. 10,945,387

Inventor: Zhao Shuhai, Yuncheng Qinghai Technology Co., Ltd

"Shubao" Australian patent certificate

"Shubao" Canadian Patent Certificate

Shape of "Shubao"

"Shubao" is a device for collecting rainwater, which is buried in the roots of plants. The principle is to preserve rainwater, which volatilizes to the soil during drought period, so as to maintain soil moisture, so as to ensure the survival of plants. In addition, because of its use of ineffective rainfall and its unique function of air permeability, the device has a greater role in promoting the growth of plants, and the fruit yield is greatly increased It is a good helper to develop economic forest.

There is no water for afforestation in barren mountain, planting Badan wood on site

Zhao Shuhai makes a demonstration

The site of waterless afforestation

Mine sites, harsh environment, no grass

Zhao Shuhai wants to turn this place into an oasis

Afforestation without water: Seed Germination of Padan

As early as July 2017, Zhao Shuhai started the experiment. Two years ago, he drove thousands of miles from Yuncheng, Shanxi Province to Ulanbuhe desert, Inner Mongolia, and planted a small sapling with "Shubao". On September 8, 2020, it was found that the saplings were growing vigorously, while almost all of the saplings planted on the dropper belt died prematurely. The success of "Shubao" in desert experiment will change the previous huge investment in road construction and construction The desert tree planting mode of stringing, drilling wells, laying dropper pipes and watering with electricity can effectively protect groundwater resources and save huge greening investment.

The seedling grew vigorously, and almost all the seedlings on the drip irrigation belt died in the distance

In the past two years, under the condition of no management and no watering, shrubs have survived and thrive in arid deserts, creating a new model for afforestation in arid areas.

Two years ago, "Shubao" pine trees were installed in the desert, and their growth was obviously better than that of contrast trees.

This is the Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica that was installed two years ago

The effect is better than the contrast tree

Afforestation in arid areas is difficult to survive. It is for this reason that Zhao Shuhai invented "Shubao".

The conventional method of planting trees is to water the trees after planting. It is very difficult to transport the water on high mountains, and the investment in manpower and material resources is very large. Even if the tree species are kept alive with great efforts, they will die in large areas during drought.

Zhao Shuhai grows trees without water. Look at his invention:

This is the tree artifact "Shubao" invented by him

Make a hole in the ground and put "Shubao"

Put on the pipe again

Put seeds in the tube

The seeds are covered with soil

Laying plastic cloth to collect rainwater

The plastic cloth is connected with Shubao

installation is complete

Waiting for rain

The seeds will germinate and grow after rain

Little trees grow up slowly

Using this method to plant trees, it is easy, labor-saving, and has high survival rate. Even if individual seeds do not germinate, you can put the seeds again, and you can plant them all the year round, creating a new method of planting trees.

    The principle of "Shubao" is to collect rainwater and store it, and then slowly volatilize it into the soil, so that the soil has moisture content and plants can survive. The rainwater collected at one time can volatilize for 2-4 months. The invention has been patented internationally and will play an important role in national afforestation.

Germination of Forsythia suspensa

Emergence of Gleditsia sinensis

Successful mine restoration test

Ecological management of the Yellow River Basin

The saplings in the sand grow vigorously without watering for four months

Yang Wenbin, Secretary General of China Society of desertification control and industry, inspected Shubao in Yuncheng

An Fengjie, former chairman of China Society of desertification control and industry, inspected Shubao

Patents from China, the United States, Canada and Australia have been granted, attracting the attention of officials of the food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Papers included in the International Symposium on desertification control

Lu Dongliang, vice governor of Shanxi Province, understands "Shubao" at China International Trade in services Fair

Export of Shubao to Australia

Installation of "Shubao" trees in the desert

The yield of Zanthoxylum bungeanum "Shubao" doubled in arid area

Using "Shubao" to help Rural Revitalization in Chengxian County of Gansu Province

Zhao Shuhai, a scientific and technological worker far away from the desert, loves the desert. He wants to use "Shubao" to create a miracle in the desert, make barren mountains green, and let China create contribute to the improvement of the world environment!

"Shubao"will contribute to the development of agriculture and theconstruction of ecological civilization.










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