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Shubao, invented by the leader of rural science and technology, won the US patent

Issuing time:2021-04-15 16:55

On April 10, 2021, Zhao Shuhai, the leader of rural science and technology, received the patent certificate from the United States. This is the third foreign patent certificate after his invention "Shubao" won the patents from Australia and Canada, which is ready for him to explore the international market in the future.

     "Shubao" invented by Zhao Shuhai is a kind of water-saving and fertilizer saving device to promote plant growth, which has a strong role in promoting plant growth. The experiment on melons, fruits, pears, peaches and other economic crops has achieved obvious results, which provides a new technical means for the development of organic dry farming, and has won the highest award of China Yangling Agricultural Association. The exhibition of "Shubao" in Africa caused repercussions. Zhao Shuhai was invited to participate in the United Nations Conference on combating desertification. He was selected as a member of the arid area Afforestation Committee of the Chinese Society for combating desertification, a science and Technology Commissioner of Yuncheng City, and a talent of Shanxi Province. He was rated as "the most beautiful scientific and technological worker in Shanxi Province", and was employed as "leader of rural science and technology" by the Rural Revitalization activities of the national science and technology newspaper.

Shubao US patent certificate

Patent specification

U.S. Patent No. 10945387

Inventor: Zhao Shuhai, Yuncheng Qinghai Technology Co., Ltd

"Shubao" Australian patent certificate

"Shubao" Canadian Patent Certificate

Shape of "Shubao"

"Shubao" is a device for collecting rainwater, which is buried in the roots of plants. The principle is to preserve rainwater, which volatilizes to the soil during drought period, so as to maintain soil moisture, so as to ensure the survival of plants. In addition, due to its use of ineffective rainfall, and its unique function of air permeability, the device has a greater role in promoting the growth of plants and increasing fruit yield.

Peach trees with "Shubao" are in full bloom

On the left is the installation of Shubao

Robinia pseudoacacia with "Shubao" is growing vigorously

On the left is the installation of Shubao

The Gleditsia sinensis with "Shubao" is growing vigorously

On the left is the installation of Shubao

Installation of "Shubao" hawthorn leaves big

On the left is the installation of Shubao

Targeted Poverty Alleviation: 4000 Zanthoxylum bungeanum trees increase in output

40 apple trees used Shubao to earn 27000 yuan

"Shubao" pear has big fruit and high sweetness

"Shubao" has been installed on winter jujube trees in greenhouses, with fruitful results

The Datian jujube tree with "Shubao" was put on the market early with high yield

The jujube tree with "Shubao" is big in fruit

"Shubao" is used to grow watermelon in arid areas, and a good harvest is achieved

The voice of the people

Two years ago, the seedlings from the drip irrigation belt in the desert were planted next to Shubao. After that, they did not water and grew vigorously, but almost all the seedlings on the drip irrigation belt died.

For planting trees in the desert, "Shubao" is used on the right

"Shubao" is used for mine ecological restoration. In places where there is no grass, trees planted with "Shubao" grow well, and trees can be planted all year round, creating a new model of afforestation.

 "Shubao" is used in the ecological management of the Yellow River Basin, with high survival rate and vigorous growth.

Because "Shubao" can collect a large amount of rain, grapes and watermelons can be planted under the trees to increase agricultural income.

Success of planting watermelon with "Shubao" under forest

Zhaoshuhai was hired as "leader of rural science and technology"

Zhao Shuhai often travels in the fields and wild mountains to spread science and technology for Rural Revitalization and ecological restoration.

"Shubao" is installed on thousand mu walnut trees to help rural revitalization

"Shubao" for cherry trees in Greenhouse

"Shubao" for cherry trees in Datian

"Shubao" for mine ecological restoration

Shanxi's most beautiful scientific and technological workers

Second prize of Shanxi competition area of national innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

As an inventor on the cover of China today

Zhao Shuhai was selected as a talent in the third Jin Dynasty

Selected Shanxi science and technology innovation figures

Selected Shanxi exhibition group to participate in service trade fair

Lu Dongliang, vice governor of Shanxi Province, listened to Zhao Shuhai's report at the service trade association

Won the excellent award of national innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Outstanding award of Shanxi new farmer competition

Shubao is popular in Africa

Zambian ambassador to China Ms. chibesaconda talks with Shubao.

Zhao Shuhai introduces "Shubao" to Henry mayege, Deputy Ambassador of Ugandan Embassy in China.

The ambassador of Botswana said he would introduce "Shu Bao" to people in their country.

FAO officials pay attention to Shubao

Love for targeted poverty alleviation

This is Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of Shubao, imparting technology to the villagers.

Shubao, a scientific and technological invention, was delivered to the farmers.

Zhao Shuhai guides installation on site.

Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of Shubao, often appears in the front line of poverty alleviation work.

Mayor and his delegation visited Shubao

Leaders of Yuncheng agricultural and rural bureau come to investigate Shubao

"Shubao" for Rural Revitalization

Zhao Shuhai was selected as a member of Afforestation Committee in arid areas of Chinese Society for desertification control.

Using "Shubao" to plant trees is not afraid of drought or waterlogging, which can greatly reduce the death of trees caused by management factors, but also promote the rapid growth of trees. It is an ideal product for afforestation in barren mountains, desert control, fruit tree cultivation and targeted poverty alleviation. The patent application covers 72 countries. The patents of China, Australia and Canada have been authorized, and the patent of China, Australia and Canada has been authorized Guochuang will contribute to the improvement of the world environment.

"Shubao"will contribute to the development of agriculture and theconstruction of ecological civilization.










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