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"Shubao", a revolutionary invention of afforestation, shows great power in afforestation on barren m

Issuing time:2020-11-18 11:13

For decades, after years of afforestation, why are there so many places without trees? It is not that there is no planting, but that trees are not found in some places every year. The reason is that due to drought and water shortage and poor environment, it is difficult to plant trees. Even if they survive, they die in large areas due to lack of maintenance funds. The worst drought for many years came, and trees planted more than ten years ago died. These problems have caused huge economic losses.

The trees that have survived for many years die during the drought

Because of drought, trees planted for a year, died in pieces

There are few trees left

The afforestation project of barren mountain is huge, and it will die in large area in case of severe drought

Fortunately, the above problems were overcome by the "Shubao" invented by Shanxi Yuncheng Qinghai science and Technology Co., Ltd. "Shubao" is a device for collecting rainwater, which is buried in the root of the tree, releases slowly in the dry period, and ensures the soil moisture for a long time. After more than three years of experiments, under the condition of long-term no rain and extreme drought, Shubao can guarantee the survival of trees and provide for afforestation The new technology can greatly reduce the maintenance cost and improve the survival rate.

"Shubao" shape

The afforestation of barren mountains is preserved by "Shubao", which is kept alive in dry period.

The experiment of afforestation with Shubao in barren mountains has achieved satisfactory results. After many times of extreme drought, the trees with "Shubao" still survive, and the trees without "Shubao" are replanted twice.

  In arid areas, the survival rate of trees using Shubao is high.

The trees that use Shubao grow vigorously

The desert and Gobi Desert experiments have also achieved remarkable results

After the economic crops in arid areas are used for "Shubao", forestry has developed greatly and farmers' income is high.

Using "Shubao" to plant trees is not afraid of drought or waterlogging, which can greatly reduce the death of trees caused by management factors, but also promote the rapid growth of trees. It is an ideal product for afforestation in barren mountains, desert control, fruit tree cultivation and targeted poverty alleviation. The patent application covers 72 countries. The patents of China, Australia and Canada have been authorized, and the patent of China, Australia and Canada has been authorized Guochuang will contribute to the improvement of the world environment.

"Shubao"will contribute to the development of agriculture and theconstruction of ecological civilization.










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