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Farmers get a good harvest of apples, "Shubao" shocked the village

Issuing time:2020-11-18 11:12

Two days ago, Zhao Wenyun, the first Secretary of tudimiao village, called Zhao Shuhai, the inventor of Shubao. He said that this year, 40 apple trees with "Shubao" installed in Wang Jianshe's home in tudimiao village have a very large output. Most of the apples are above 90 in size and of high quality. The apples sold for 27000 yuan, which shocked the nearby villagers, verified the power of Shubao and had a strong response.

This is also to start in spring this year. On April 28, 2020, zhaowenyun, the first secretary and the first Secretary of Urban Management Bureau of Yuncheng City in tudimiao village, Zhangcun Town, Pinglu County, Shanxi Province, invited zhaoshuhai, the inventor of Yuncheng, to teach villagers his new scientific and technological invention "tree Bao" to help plant growth.

Shubao is a new technology that can promote plant growth without building water conservancy facilities. It has two main functions: one is to ensure the survival of plants in drought period; the other is to promote plant growth. In addition, the device has the function of saving soil moisture accurately and keeping soil moisture in drought period. This invention has applied for an international patent, and Australia has authorized it. It has won the highest award "Houji special award" in China Yangling agricultural high-tech achievement Expo. It is a revolutionary invention with water-saving, fertilizer saving, small investment and great effect. It is especially suitable for use in arid areas.

Tudimiao village is located in the arid zone, without irrigation conditions. Water is the main factor restricting the economic development of the village. Due to drought and lack of rain this spring, crop yield reduction has become a foregone conclusion. Zhao Wenyun, the first Secretary of the village, took solving the fundamental problems of villagers as the breakthrough point, and with his professional knowledge and experience in water-saving work for many years, he made every effort to explore water-saving technology and decided to introduce advanced agricultural technology "Shubao" for tudimiao village. In fact, when Zhao Wenyun was the first Secretary of Xinbao village, caocahuan Town, Pinglu County in 2019, he introduced "Shubao" technology there. In the case of drought last spring, Shubao watermelon had a bumper harvest, and the Zanthoxylum bungeanum trees installed Shubao grew vigorously, finding a way out for farmers to become rich. This year, he introduced this technology to tudimiao village, and invited Mr. Zhao Shuhai to tell the villagers about the principle of "Shubao" in promoting plants and its experimental effect for more than two years. The villagers listened attentively, and watched the demonstration of installing Shubao under the Zanthoxylum bungeanum tree and the operation process of planting xigua with Shubao. Wang Jianshe, a villager, immediately said that he would adopt the technique, and 40 apple trees were in his house that day "Shubao" has been installed under.

In the autumn, the encouraging news came from tudimiao village. The apple trees installed in Shubao were far better than those in the whole village, causing a stir in the local area. Some villagers saw the real effect of Shubao and said that they would also install it.

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and the poverty alleviation work has made great achievements. Zhao Shuhai has become a municipal science and Technology Commissioner of Yuncheng City. Although he has retired, he is often active in the fields, making silent contributions to help rural revitalization.

This is Wang Jianshe home's apple

Video produced by Wang Jianshe

This spring, Mr. Zhao Shuhai is explaining the Shubao principle to the villagers of Tudi temple

Zhao Wenyun, the first secretary, personally installed "Shubao"

Demonstration of installing Shubao under Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Because Shubao is especially water-saving, it is enough to pull a few carts of water during the drought period. It is very economical to apply fertilizer to Shubao.

The villager Wang Jianshe installed Shubao in the fruit tree field on the same day

Last year, Zhao Wenyun, the first secretary, introduced Shubao technology in Xinbao village for the first time, which was applied in the planting of Zanthoxylum bungeanum and watermelon

This year, the growth of Zanthoxylum bungeanum with Shubao installed is obviously better than that without installation

The tree with "Shubao" has 20 cm new branches

The new branches of trees without Shubao are less than 10 cm

Targeted poverty alleviation, installation of "Shubao" of 4000 pepper trees, harvest

The effect of Shubao on winter jujube in greenhouse is remarkable

Pear tree with "Shubao" fruit high yield

The growth of walnut trees with "Shubao" was obviously better than that without use on the left

Shubao watermelon has a good harvest, which has brought real economic benefits to the villagers

Zhao Shuhai and his "Shubao"

"Shubao"will contribute to the development of agriculture and theconstruction of ecological civilization.










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